Taking the correct care of your engagement and wedding rings will undoubtedly increase their lifespan. Don’t feel too well-informed on the best ring cleaning methods? Read on for our top jewelry care tips and how to take premium care of your most treasured rings, to ensure they stay shimmering for the decades ahead.                     

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SHOWERING & HAND WASHING Sorry to break it to you, but there’s a certain standard level of care that’s required for high-quality rings. Showering and washing your hands is one of them. Although it’s a massive pain to remove them after every single time you use the bathroom – you’ll thank yourself for it later down the line. Whenever you wash your hands or shower using soap, the ring's contact with slippery skin is likely to increase grime buildup in a darkish brown appearance. Constant product exposure will lead to further damage over time, perhaps more so than you might realize. To avoid the hassle, remove your ring (at home only) to clean and dry your hands before returning to your daily errands. Simple! 

HAND LOTIONS For sure, diamonds are tough. But they’re not invincible. Another common cause of your ring losing its shine is a result of chemical build up in and around it. Even if your hand lotion is made from all-natural ingredients, this won’t sit too well with your lovely luxurious ring! Ensure you incorporate ring storage as part of your nighttime routine, and don’t put it back on until your hands are completely dry or until you wake up the next morning. Which leads us to our next point... 

GOING TO BED We’d always advise our clients to remove their wedding rings before heading off to bed. Why? Although simply going to bed isn’t considered a ‘hands-on’ activity, when you fall into a deep sleep, you’ll toss and turn and oftentimes your rings will get caught in your hair, bedsheets, or even your skin (ouch). Pressure of bodyweight and swelling may also play a part in rings diminishing quality. Before going to bed, store it on your bedside table in your ring box or ring holder to preserve its diamond status. 

AVOID RESIZING YOUR RING MORE THAN ONCE OR TWICE IDEALLY While ring resizing is a simple way to render the perfect fit, this short-term solution is widely considered as pretty ineffective. When you go through phases in your life such as pregnancy and postpartum, your hands swell, and your body changes. That’s a given. Natural fluctuations will change the way your ring fits and you’ll become tempted to consistently have it resized. This will reduce the durability and longevity of the metal, and can make it subject to long term damage. We always inform our clients to store away their jewelry until it fits again to prevent the need to have it refitted. 

AVOID TOUCHING THE CENTER STONE We get it – accidents happen. However, you should always ensure to avoid touching the most precious part of the ring itself; the glimmering center stone. Diamonds are magnets for dust, dirt, and oil. If you must touch your ring, or whenever you wish to remove it, make sure you do so by placing your fingertips on either side of the band to take it on and off. Whenever your ring stone looks a little cloudy or hazy, this is a sure sign that there’s something stuck underneath it. 


Scheduling in some regular pamper sessions with your local jeweler is never a bad idea. Give your rings the maintenance they deserve and take them on twice-yearly checkups. This way you’ll be certain that everything is in good working order, checking the prongs are tight, the band is buffed and it’s diamond shines bright. Most jewelers recommend visits every six months to assess your rings’ condition. Plus, cleans at the jeweller you purchased them from are usually free of charge – so take advantage of it! 

QUARTERLY CLEANING ...but don’t just leave it up to your jeweler to do all the hard work! Every three months, give your rings a standard clean and polish. As time passes, every piece of jewelry loses a certain degree of shine resulting from oxygen and moisture coming into contact with it. Purchase some jewellery cleaner to clean up lotion buildup, or alternatively you can purchase an ultrasonic cleaner like this to keep all your jewellery and even your watches looking spick and span. Also, you’ll want to grab a spare toothbrush for your rings cleaning appointment – it’ll become its new best friend. Pro tip: keep the toothpaste for your teeth, it's too abrasive for your ring. The old wives tale of using toothpaste is just that. 

RING DISHES There’s no harm in investing in several ring dishes to store around the house. Should you ever need a safe place to store them, whether it be the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom – you won’t have to walk too far to find one. There’s an abundance of beautiful ring holders online, which aren’t just practical – but they also make great interior decor. 

INSURANCE Lastly, if you want to stay on the safe side, be sure to register insurance for your ring to guarantee cover. Should your ring ever be damaged, stolen (god forbid), or lost – you won’t be held fully accountable, and you’ll be eligible for a full financial investment. Find a local appraiser to assess your ring and discuss the appropriate appraisal option that best suits you. 

With the purchase of your Fifth Avenue Jewelry, we’re proud to offer complimentary professional ring cleaning and check-ups. As stated in the tips above, it’s best to do this every six months – and we’ll always be here to make sure your rings stay in the best possible condition with a gorgeous shine. Browse the products on our website to find the ring of your dreams today. 

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